Fashion Disaster: Julia Roberts

August 10th, 2007 // 13 Comments

Oh, Julia! The editors have some advice after the jump.

J. Harvey: For God’s sakes, you’re not going to fool anybody that you’re poor. And having kids is tiring but don’t throw away your womanhood. What a letdown.

Lisa: Some jealous bitch in the PTA sent Julia an invitation to helm their annual bake sale to raise funds for the marching band, but nefariously put in her hands a map to a red carpet event.

Cara: What happened to the prostitute with a heart of gold? The thigh high hookin’ boots were better than this. It looks like she is on her way to Piggly Wiggly to pick up more Tang and bananas, after stopping at a yard sale and buying a box full of Harlequin romance novels.

By Cara Harrington

  1. Melanie G

    This picture is like a year old or more

  2. Gigi

    Oh whatever! She looks like a normal person. I like that she seems down to earth and not worried about looking like a movie star every second. And in spite of not trying at all she is more lovely than 99.9% of humanity. So give a rest!

  3. S_M_G

    As Melanie G said this pisture is like a year old. She wore that when she was doing theatre and felt all artist like.

  4. Jorge

    Yeah, thought it was old too. For a couple second I thought this picture was already commented on as a fashion disaster.

  5. Rican35

    I think she put that on to make George Clooney laugh.

  6. she looks like a berkeley hippie

  7. Michelle

    Yeah, its nice that shes not trying to be a movie star 24/7…. but I’m a movie star NEVER and i don’t wear stuff like this. how hard is it to throw on a tshirt & jeans when you’re lazy? :)

  8. just a chick

    Okay, I agree celebs don’t “have” to look like “movie stars” every hour of the day.

    But when one is on a red carpet? Not bothering is kind of like showing up for a corporate job in a halter top or something.

  9. Kat

    Has she had a little eye surgery?

  10. Jinxy McDeath

    She’s so egotistical that I’m sure she believes it is sexahy. You know she’s one of the ugliest people I ever met working on not one, but two studios.

    Bizarre, strange, self involved to the point of out loud laughing of the onset personel. She bought her fugly manwhore of a breeder husband. *tee hee he still fucks around, when he can*

    Creepy controlling, and tasteless without a stylist. She’s everybodies sweetheart – because she’s slept with 100′s – talent and crew…

  11. iren33

    A granny.

  12. T-Bone

    She and Angelina Jolie are cut from the same cloth. Totally self-involved hollywood stars who get by on their looks.

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