Fashion Disaster: Jodie Marsh

The glamour model looks like she forgot her top. Take a look at what the Editors have to say after the proverbial jump.

J. Harvey: She looks like the Land O’ Lakes indian maiden got pissed off and left the lake and went shopping over at Forever 21 but didn’t realize she was too damn old and her scientifically augumented taters would annihilate any hoodie they came into contact with. No wonder why she looks so pissed. Life was easier on the butter packaging.

Lisa: It’s not so much her outfit, or that she appears to be missing a shirt that most upsets me. It’s the fact that it looks like she was holding the hand and walking with a man who seems to be dressed in a suit. Could he not throw some sensible fashion choices her way?

Cara: She looks like she is doing the college walk of shame. I remember those days. Scrambling to find a top, never being able to find your bra amidst piles of beer bottles and some strangers clothes that had been strewn across the room. Last weekend was awesome!