Fashion Disaster: Helena Bonham Carter

June 11th, 2007 // 7 Comments

It must have been a rough weekend. The Editors no doubt have something to say about this after the jump.

Lisa: Some necrophiliac is going to be very disappointed when he finds out she has a pulse.

J. Harvey: Lisa’s funny.

Cara: Aww, I love her. She is very….kooky. Loved her in “Fight Club.” But, I don’t love her in this. However, it is kinda “her thing” to rock the tortured artist look.

By Cara Harrington

  1. Kim

    That’s old hat. You should alert us when she actually wears something that isn’t horrendous. Although I realize this will never happen, it would serve a useful purpose as none of us would have to look at Helena Bonham Carter again on A Socialite’s Life.

  2. green cardigan

    This is actually pretty sedate for HBC. She just looks like she put on a plain black dress, looked in the mirror and said ‘hmmm…..’this doesn’t look mental enough’ and then to liven things up, put her pyjama top over it.

  3. pizda

    she actually looks decent and her hair is combed

  4. missy

    she’s adorable at all times. i would be scared if she didn’t look like a corpse.

  5. For Helena, this is great!

    Considering what she sleeps with, i can’t imagine she is too picky about her clothes!!

  6. Caitie Kirby

    Good lord she’s pale!
    Actually, I think even ‘waxy’ would be appropriate here….

  7. Brie

    She looks wonderful, and you have to respect that she has her own style. It could be worse, she could be one of those who TRIES to look “fashionable” and messes up.

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