Fashion Disaster: Heath Ledger

What happened to Heath? The Editors discuss his (hopefully) temporary lack of hotness after the jump.

Lisa: Heath Ledger spies a photog snapping a pic of him on set whilst he reprises the role of “Eldin the house painter” on the film version of “Murphy Brown.”

J.Harvey: He’s like that guy who hangs out in the coffee shop downtown and thinks his band of extended psychedelic guitar jams that go on for a mind-numbing half hour is awesome and the rest of sociey is full of poseurs and he’s jabbing his finger of insecurity at us for being cattle. Get a job!

Cara: Sweet Jesus! What is going on there Heath? I loved him and his kooky style…I even love Heath candy bars. But this just looks like the creepy guy who drives the ice cream truck around my old hood and always asked if I would like to lick his bomb pop.