Fashion Disaster: Fergie

Fergie and fashion go together like warm beer and month old potato salad. See if the Editors have some thoughts to lend The Duchess of Fug out of the disaster house.

J.Harvey: Did she get into a fight at the incontinence clinic?

Lisa: I have to say, I’m so used to Fergie wearing such an abominable combination of strange tube socks, high-heels, short-shorts and WAY too many accessories, that this outfit actually looks like one of her better choices, as far as I can see. Sure, she’s got a bit of a camel-toe going on there, and the fact that there are suspenders (or overalls, I can’t tell here) involved confuses me, but her midriff is concealed and that makes me happy.

Cara: I don’t know which is worse…. high waist jeans with suspenders or stirrup pants. My God. There is just something wrong with the world and I blame it on Fergie. I just don’t understand the appeal she has. I bet she has blow flavored nipples or a magic weave that has managed to hypnotize us all.