Fashion Disaster: Diane Keaton

June 14th, 2007 // 5 Comments

What is that? See what the Editors have to say about this one after the jump.

J.Harvey: I’ve said it before – I love this bat. But she does look like she’s always running around the streets trying to get people to look at her new catastrophe. Where do you buy belts that wide? Lumberjack shops? Those are for scaling trees right?

Lisa: There is a really cute outfit lurking in there somewhere. Unfortunately, it’s being held hostage by a bunch of stuff intended to go in the Goodwill donation bag. Still, I love you, Diane. Despite your confusing layers.

Cara: What happened to those smart turtlenecks that are a Diane signature? Kudos to branching out into the realms of risk taking. And at least she is wearing shoes this time. For some reason the Blossom hat with the “escaped from an old folks home” confusion. Oh well, all my love to her and her attempt.

By Cara Harrington

  1. peachpie

    it’s why we all heart her so much. if she DIDN’T do it, we’d wonder why? and if she was on drugs? an alcoholic? headed for rehab? you just gotta let kooky diane be kooky diane and show her some love.

  2. Loob

    Oh Diane, we love you to bits, but you’re wearing a skirt over your jeans. Why must you test us this way? Trust in our love, Diane.

  3. conrad

    but really, what else is new. Is anyone surprised???

  4. mel

    I love her, but she’s always a fashion disaster.

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