Fashion Disaster: Brooke Shields

August 17th, 2007 // 3 Comments

See what the Editors have to say about Brooke After the Jump.

J.Harvey: The outfit’s eh, but damn, Brooke, you’re not that depressed. Wash your salad!

Cara: Did she forget to bathe….for like a week? The outfit confuses me. It’s like she is confused mess of wannabe paisley.

Lisa is out of the office today.

By Cara Harrington

  1. T-Bone

    I use to love her until she had it out with my Man Tom Cruise. Tom is the man, ofcourse after Brad Pitt. I LOVE BRAD PITTS STINKY DRAWS

  2. meeshee

    I don’t know whats worse? Her greasy/stringy hair, the fake Pucci print poncho thats probably hiding some extra poundage or the straight-leg white jeans?

    I dunno? You tell me!

  3. Barbara

    She was at an outdoor concert all day idiots; I’m sure you guys wouldn’t sweat though. And her top is a tunic not a poncho, I know it’s confusing but don’t think too hard and you’ll feel better.

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