Fashion Disaster: Britney…It’s Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

See if the Editors take jabs at the walking former-hot mess after the jump.

J.Harvey: She can afford better clothes than this..costume. What’s with the rich girls dressing like they’re poor? It’s an insult to poor people like me.

Lisa: Introducing the bikini, everyone. It’s the new underwear.

Cara: What an appropriate hump day disaster. It’s really not fair anymore. I mean, people expect her to roll out in her best bikini and a pseudo-bath towel. Although, I totally had one of those beach frocks….when I was 7. Maybe she was really on her way to kick it on a beach. Or maybe the fact that she is bat-shit crazy has something to do with it. One of these days she is just going to snap and be all King Kong on our asses and start busting out the straight razors and Vaseline. So I say…pretty girl! Pretty Girl!