Fashion Disaster: Britney Loves Hats Y’all

Poor Britney makes the list again. See if the Editors show mercy after the jump.

Lisa: Britney’s looking trim and happy, with a big smile on her face. And what better way for her to express her inner radiance, than to don a half a fur coat, shoes that resemble puddles of fabric, a jaunty cow-girl hat and her favorite wig of the moment? That, my friends, is the question.

J.Harvey: I just pray everyday that she’s keeping her returning sexy under wraps with a series of ridiculous outfits, and then she’s gonna rip em’ off, hit the stage and wow our asses. I’m a fool, aren’t I?

Cara: Why must I always pick on the girl? I really am too hard on her. She deserves a break. But then again she has more kiddie pools of money and “if you’ve got it (she) will eat it, smoke it, ride it or snort it.” So Britney….take off the damn crazy fur monstrosity and harness the power of a nice cardigan set. Too female sports anchor?