Fashion Disaster: Amy Sedaris

August 21st, 2007 // 8 Comments

Looks like someone forgot to get ready for the Red Carpet. The Editors discuss after the jump. *Yes, due to technical difficulties this fashion disaster was up briefly yesterday. My humble apologies.*

Lisa: Because Amy Sedaris is Amy Sedaris, she gets a free pass from me on this one.


Cara: You know, why bother getting all dolled up for the carpet. I mean, when Mandy Moore is there strutting her goodies around there is really no point. But, I way prefer Amy any day of the week.

By Cara Harrington

  1. Heidi

    I’m really glad to see the editors responses. When I saw this I was like, who cares how she dresses, she’s Geri Blank! Plus she’s David Sedaris’ sister and the one who wore a fat suit around town to freak out her dad. Shame on you ‘green cardigan’ person. And she probably was baking cupcakes before she left, not painting. Psh. One of her best friends is SJP, SJP is the stylish friend and she’s the hilarious, bake you food and throw a silly party friend.

  2. green cardigan

    I beg to differ on SJP being the ‘stylish’ friend. As long as you use the term ‘stylish’ fairly loosely.

  3. peachpie

    i thought it was kristen chenowith… whaddoo i know. whomever it is is certainly sans red-carpet style in that photo. blech.

  4. Kelly Rummelhart

    Love her, Love her brother . . . so I can turn away for a few minutes and pretend like I totally missed it. However, it may end up in the next book, who knows!

  5. I’d still hit it!

    Damn, her face is almost perfect looking. :-)

    Check on the mug on that celluloid sniper behind her though! (Nice bangs wanna fuck? Haha) Jeez.. that hideous creature will probably haunt me in my dreams tonight. lol


    P.S. It was probably just taken at a movie premiere or something anyway. Why would anymore bother dressing up to watch Rush Hour III?

    P.P.S. Where the heck is J. Harvey’s invective-filled criticism? It’s like he doesn’t even care enough to talk smack anymore! Jason where you at? hhahah

  6. Karla Ross

    I SO love her! She rocks.

  7. AmyFan

    Amy doesn’t care how she dresses, so why should we?

  8. Englebert Humperdinck

    Brains and body, she is so, so, so, sooo cute. I don’t care about the clothes at all.

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