Fashion Disaster: John Galliano

Someone is tryiing to recover from a long weekend. See what the Editors have to say about one of my favorite designers after the jump.

Lisa: John Galliano is smirking because even though he knows he’s guilty of trying to bring jams back, there’s a man not two feet behind him walking around in a ladies’ tank top and butterfly boxers, whose job it is to make John look comparatively less silly.

J.Harvey: Actually, I’ve seen this chick look a lot worse. He’s the one who’s always dressed like Prince if he worked for Jack Sparrow right? I admire his gusto, but damn that moustache he works sometimes looks oily. He usually appears like he should be tying me down to some railroad tracks and looking to get his ass beat by Mighty Mouse. Upgrade!

Cara: John Galliano is one of the best designers out there. I especially love that he strikes such envy in the likes of Marc Jacobs. But here he looks like he has been rode hard and put away wet.