Fashion Crisis Averted!

When celebutante Tinsley Mercer Mortimer and actress Eva Mendes both showed up Monday night at New York’s Fashion Week wearing the same exact dress, quick-thinking fashion superheroes came to the rescue and prevented what would otherwise could have been a very dire fashion disaster. According to Lloyd Grove’s Lowdown:

…quick-thinking staffers narrowly averted disaster.

“We had an extra dress backstage that we were able to give Tinsley,” spokesman Patrick McGregor told Lowdown yesterday, adding that Mortimer had donned a dress she already owned instead of one the designer had lent her for the event. “She was a great sport about it and went and changed in the Porta-Potti.”

Forget doctors, THESE are the people I want working the emergency room when my South American breast implants finally decide to explode.

Written by Lisa Timmons

Tags: Eva Mendes