Fashion Battle: Mariah vs. Lindsay

March 14th, 2006 // 23 Comments
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There are obvious winners here. Check out the battle between Ashlee & Christina after the jump.

(All images via JJB)

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Carlye

    That skirt is damn ugly!

    And Ashlee should just die!!

  2. Sarah

    Oh, please. Ashlee looks cute, but Mimi looks like a ho. Ashlee could stand to put on 15 pounds or so, though. She’s starting to get that bony Maria Shriver walking corpse thing going on.

    And yes, that skirt is hideous.

  3. Linds Wins. Hands down.. Mariah needs to go AWAY.

  4. PleaseThink

    Christina looks great. I really like her look. She carries it off very well.

  5. Doesn’t Ashley look like the blond brother … the one in wedding crashers? … the one that played the blond model in zoolander?? C’mon.. you know who I’m talking about!

  6. Emily

    O i know who your talking about Lawgirl, are u talking about Owen Wilson?

  7. YES!!! Doesn’t she kind of look like him in that picture??!

  8. Canada Rules

    Linds wins in the first match-up.
    Christina takes the second. Christina looks cute when she channels the thirties glam blondes.

  9. ig*

    Are you kidding me, you guys think lidsay lohan won that battle! I think Not, being thats shes a coked up skeleton. Mariah has the voice and the healthy body to beat lidsays c-list movie role wilmer loving ass any day.

  10. Mariah beats Lindsay; the skirt is meant to go on a woman with real CURVES.

    Ashlee and Christina both look good in my opinion, though, but for different reasons. Ashlee’s outfit looks normal; Christina’s is very stylized. Just goes to show the different things you can do with one shirt…

  11. Emily

    Lindsay Lohan looks better my ass! Her anorexic skinny ass doesnt look good in anything. At least Mariah has some meat in her and has real curves. AND she can sing! What the fuck Lindsay Lohan, whenever I hear her stupid songs it makes me wanna rip out my ears. She cant dance, she cant drive and she cant act for shit. I like Christinas look, finally she doesnt look slutty. Ashlee looks ok, normal shirt and jeans.

  12. ac

    i think mariah wins this one

  13. lala

    mariah carey’s fat. that skirt is tacky anyway so who cares – ashlee looks cute, christina needs to stop bleaching her hair so white

  14. For me Lindsay’d and Mariah’s skirt is awful.. ;|

  15. Anno

    Notice how Lindsey is wearing the skirt properly – it is meant to be worn low, at the hips. Mariah is too large (I didn’t say fat) to wear it the right way – she has it hiked up to her waist, making it much shorter and skankier. Mariah needs to face the fact that couture clothing is not made for her body type and does her no favors.

  16. Rae

    Miriah Carey isn’t “fat” but she looks like a sasuage. She dresses in clothing that is a few sizes too small and makes her look bigger then she is.

  17. Jane

    Mariah is fat! the skirt is to tight.. and she looks so ugly in it. Lindsay wins! lindsay looks so much better.. mariah should buy clothes that ACTUALLY FIT HER!!

  18. I think Mariah wins in battle #1. Battle #2 goes to Ashlee. That is the cutest I’ve seen her look in a long time.

  19. Butterfly

    Mariah is the QUEEN!! YOU LOOK FIERCE !!!
    Lindsay is a washed up hohan!!

  20. justdot

    #1 lohan but i’m biased because i somewhat worship her.. the skirt is fugly on them both and #2 is definitely ashlee… and if you don’t know how to correctly spell her name maybe you shouldn’t be posting.

  21. Cindy

    Mariah wins the first battle. She makes the outfit look sexy. Lindsay just looks bland and ordinary. The second one is tough, but I would say Christina. The belt adds a really nice touch to it.

  22. Ashley

    Shut up justbot.

  23. martini

    ewww look at mariahs knees!!!! those skirts are hideous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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