Ewan McGregor’s Wonderjock

May 21st, 2007 // 6 Comments

It sounds so much more kinkier than it is really. But the latest scandal finds itself in Ewan’s pants.

The former Jedi master has been “outed as a fan of Wonderjock pants.” The underwear line that hails from Australia made a rather large boo-boo when the owner, Sean Ashby, stated that Ewan purchased a bulk amount of the “Wonderjock” underwear. The man-panty s designed to “lift and promote” and do away with the need of a sock.

AussieBum, the maker of the miracle bra in underwear form, wrote a note of apology as Sean reportedly got it wrong. McGregor’s camp denies he has ever bought that particular style, but does enjoy “other styles of AussieBum pants.” Their apology and statement to an Australian paper goes on to talk about the size of Ewan’s “jock.”

“He’s a fan of the brand generally and has bought several different items from the range, but certainly not the Wonderjock. Given his reputation, we doubt very much there would be a need for this.”

I had no idea that Ewan had a Donkey “Kong” reputation. I should insert an appropriate penis joke, but instead I can only sit here and think of inappropriate thoughts.

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By Cara Harrington

  1. Watch Train Spotting.

  2. funkybutt

    and “the pillow book”.

  3. marmelade

    definetly pillow book. he’s the king.

  4. silvarga

    Seriously, Why would he even bother with that? We’ve all seen the goods, time and time again.

  5. echoroc

    willie show in Young Adam too. He’s just fine.

  6. Sigh

    I want that penis all to myself. Wonderjock my ass! He doesn’t need it…..

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