Biel on Elle Loving Lame

The June issue of Elle is packed full of beauty secrets and my favorite…must have lists.. Fake tanners, which are my best friend/worst nightmare, have me dreading shorts season. Ranging from Lancome to Olay, each promise streak-free results without the orange effect. So you won’t have Paris Hilton’s Mystic Tan junkie look. Personally, I hate the aroma of fake tan. I put it on and think…hmmm and the odor of Brandon Davis and Grey Goose and I bet this is what Paris Hilton smells like. Check out a Self Tan discussion of the Famester Fashion Forums for personal insight on good products.

Jessica Biel is on the front cover rocking gold lame shorts and it is just another reason I am green with envy. Its amazing how she went from the token bad girl that was “always in trouble, but not in knocked up with a 15 year old’s baby going to be on Maury drunk and throwing chairs” kinda way on 7th Heaven, to a Hollywood beauty giving Cammy Diaz a run for her money.

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Elle’s Suggestions on Self Tanners After the Jump