Fashion Round Up: Best And Worst Looks Of The Week Featuring Zoe Saldana, Chris Hemsworth, Eva Longoria And More!

Chris Hemsworth Goes Glam
Chris looks super sexy for Empire.
Fashionista’s rejoice because we have some very stylish celeb looks this week!

I usually love seeing what the ladies will wear but this week I was rather impressed with the mens fashion choices. Well, ladies first.

Zoe Saldana might be pregnant but that hasn’t stopped her from looking fierce.  You would think that I would hate her monkey print dress but quite the opposite!  The cut is so flattering and the pattern is actually fun!

Eva Longoria also looked gorgeous in her gold halter gown which by the way, really is her color.

As for the boys the Chris’ took it home this time.  They really stepped it up at the red carpets for The Guardians of the Galaxy premiere’s.  Chris Pratt’s grey suit was definitely one of my faves.  It’s so well tailored and really makes him stand out.

Chris Hemsworth must have consulted with him because he ended up wearing the same color to the film’s UK premiere.  He opted for a darker shade and a vest instead of a jacket.  Guess I have a thing for men who wear grey…

As for the fashion offenders.  Just wait until you see which star looked like a homeless man, and another who clearly is wearing something two sizes too small.

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