Fashion Round Up: Best and Worst Looks Of The Week Featuring Megan Fox, David Beckham, Kate Hudson And More!

David Beckham Strips
Becks is in his underwear for his H&M campaign.
This week was a battle between two hot moms and one DILF!

Megan Fox and Kate Hudson went head to head in the battle of best dressed.  Both looked absolutely gorgeous.  It’s hard to believe that both are moms to two boys!

David Beckham wins the DILF lifetime achievement award.  He always looks perfect everytime we see him.  His good looks and great style must be rubbing off on his son’s Romeo and Cruz.

Dylan McDermott also looked sizzling but I’m feeling David’s look more.  Maybe I’m a little biased.

Not everyone looked as good as these four though.  I don’t want to give too much away.  Let’s just say that someone committed my ultimate men’s fashion faux pas.  How many times must I tell you fella’s.  If you are wearing dress shoes you MUST wear socks!  Whenever I catch a celeb doing this they will automatically be put on the worst portion of this list.

Enough rambling on that already.  Especially since there were two stars who couldn’t even manage to dress their age this week!  You must see for yourselves!

Launch the gallery to see the winners and losers of this weeks fashion battle!