Fashion Retrospective: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo At Ikea
Olivia Palermo helps assemble furniture at IKEA for charity.
If you’re a Pinterest user, chances are Olivia Palermo greets you on your every visit.

Well isn’t that nice of her? Yep, it really is!

The gorgeous socialite rarely falls short of spectacular! From head to toe, you can find pizazz in her fashion details. As she has been labeled a socialite, the world gets a glimpse into her wardrobe very often and we’re ever so thankful for the paparazzi for that.

From her casual get-up to her red carpet couture, Palermo is one classy lady. She tends to stand out in the crowd of long gams, tans, and peeping skin. As Palermo may be bite-sized, she still manages to give justice to her clothes as much as a six-foot model does. Palermo also rarely shows off any skin. If anything, when the people around her are wearing skin-tight mini dresses, she is spotted wearing trousers. Loves it!

Stating the obvious, Palermo is such a doll. If you check out her website, she is nice enough to encourage your shopping addiction by providing clickable items of clothing so that you can buy what she is wearing or recommending. American Express, are you happy?

Even if her top, bottoms, or dress may be a miss to some of us, her shoes are always delish! I really wonder how many pairs of shoes this woman owns.

A favorite amongst the many favorites within the gallery is a beautiful Valentino lace dress Palermo wore to Paris Fashion Week 2012. Ugh! It’s perf! But you know what’s not perf or remotely cute, the poor dead animals she often wears. What did they do to deserve that, Palermo? Sad, sad, sad! Still adore her style though, just be kind to our little friends, yeah?

So, if you’re in need of a shopping guide while you’re out shopping, pop open this article and scroll through the gallery for inspiration. Notice how Palermo has transformed into being one of the most influential fashionistas of our today.  I know she owns some Zara shoes and clothes, so hey, we won’t be completely broke after our shopping spree gals!

Take note: find a ridiculously good looking and fashionable boy toy to keep by your side for picture-perfect photo opps.