Is Gemma Going Down (I Hope Not)

Does Gemma Ward need to start looking for a new career? A look-a-like in the form of Sasha Pivivarova might be upstaging the alien beauty. Who cares if they’re from two different countries? Just look at this pic and see if you can tell them apart.

Frightening, isn’t it? One thing’s for sure though. Sash looks much less like an alien that Gemma, which spells v-e-r-s-a-t-i-l-i-t-y. And while Gemma wasn’t much of a presence at New York Fashion Week, guess who was? That’s right, sneaky little Sasha managed to get her hands on a number of catwalks. Fine, Gemma did a lot more shows in Milan and Paris but was nowhere near as ubiquitous as she was at last year’s fashion weeks. Hmmm.

Ok, maybe she doesn’t need to worry all that much. She’s still the number two model. Boring, old how-did-she-even-get-to-be-number-one Daria is at the top. Newcomer Sasha still has a little ways to go before she breaks into the top 5, but of course in the modeling world that’s about a couple of months. Look at Sasha on the W cover.

Someone’s starting to get all mainstream. And is it a coincidence that it’s called the Power Issue? I think not. Gemma better be looking into acting. She better be getting herself an agent and some scripts. Because where else can you have a career end at 18? Just warning you Gemma. Not everyone can be Kate Moss and working at 31.

This post was written by Ann John.

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