Brit Versus Brits

August 10th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Britney is going head to head, again, with Posh Spice as she battles for the headliner position for “Fashion Rocks.” The show that combines runways full of models wearing the crème de la crème of fashion world with music, is seeking a main act. Brit’s people say that she is ready to prove she is back. ( I must have missed the memo.)

But the Spice Girls are ready to bust out their reinvention and make their mark. Simon Fuller and company are working to get the girl group on the list. While Spears’ people feel that her recent songs aren’t “strong enough.”

Yes, that is what the should worry about, her song strength. I can just see Samuel L. Jackson and Uma clapping politely after she performs with uneasy looking and forced smiles. “Wow Samuel that performance by Britney was…different.” To which Sam would reply, “Hell no! That was some scary shit! I mean, what the hell was that?! Damn girl, didn’t you hear Whitney? Crack is whack!”

It’s finally Friday Famester fans. Instead of watching the clock slowly tick by or shooting paper clips over the cubicle, venture on over to the forums. Are you going through “Grey’s Anatomy” withdrawal? You aren’t alone. You can also exercise your brain with some Book Chat.

By Cara Harrington

  1. GirlyGirl

    Jesus- give me 5 middle-aged british botoxed twits anyday over Brit and her bedraggled cooch. Since when is showing the world your va-jay-jay a fashion statement? My drunk ass has showed a few lucky gentlemen my va-jay-jay and Vogue is not knocking on my front door…

  2. Sam

    Britny is low class, white trash. The more the press keeps publishing anything about her the more money she makes. STOP and maybe she will go away.

  3. smoke

    Fashion is way more than what name you’re wearing on your unwashed butt. That bitch wouldn’t know fashion if she sat on it.

  4. Samantha Jones

    HAHAHAHHA! Britney and fashion. Like oil and water!

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