Chloe is Going All Gwen Stefani on Topshop’s Ass

The dress that launched a thousand attorneys into action has been pulled from Topshop shelves and destroyed like it had the plague. While it is still available on the website, it claims the merchandise is “out of stock.” All due to the strikingly similar features the lemon yellow mini dungaree has compared to the Chloe version.

Topshop’s version is a bargain at just under $50, while the dress designed by the French fashion house will set you back about $250. Around 774 dresses were already sold by Topshop before team Chloe stepped in. After the problem was addressed by the chain wrote Chloe a check for . The fashion haute house has adopted a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to design infringement. Several other “design infringement cases (are) in the pipeline,” according to Chloe’s law firm.

“We paid them £12,000 without any admission over whether it was or wasn’t [a copy]. We felt it was easier to do that and get on with the rest of our lives.” Sir Philip Green admitted.

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