Farrah Fawcett Dies After Long Battle With Cancer

June 24th, 2009 // 10 Comments

At the age of 62, Charlie’s Angels star Farrah Fawcett lost her battle to cancer today. The actress passed away this morning at St. John’s Heath Center in Santa Monica, California.

By her side were her longtime partner Ryan O’Neal, her doctor Lawrence Piro, as well as her friend Alana Stewart.

O’Neal told People magazine, “”She’s now with he mother and sister and her God. I loved her with all my heart. I will miss her so very, very much.” He added, “She was in and out of consciousness. I talked to her all through the night. I told her how very much I loved her. She’s in a better place now.”

Fawcett chronicled her struggle with cancer in a two-hour documentary that aired recently. She was first diagnosed with the disease three years ago.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Keis

    I feel really sad about it.

    She was my idol when I was a child. I never missed Charlie’s angels when she played Jill Munroe.I always wanted to be as beautiful as she was and so brave too.
    Farrah, you will be remembered.

    My condolences to her family and friends.

  2. good grief

    good grief. could you possibly have chosen a less flattering photo of farrah for this story??? geez people. i know gossip’s your game and snark is your fame, but show some respect and at least leave the snark at the door for five minutes while the rest of us feel a teeny bit sad. please change that awful photo to one that is happier and reflects the loveliness of farrah.

    rip farrah — you’ll be missed.

  3. devil

    Farrah’s at peace now. My thoughts and prayers are with her family, who will miss her terribly.

    Farrah Fawcett was beautiful and talented and funny. Her career had its ups and downs and Farrah handled it all with charm and humor.

  4. Angela

    I loved her like a mother.i’ve watched her going through her sickness and i wished i could of just give her a kiss of wellth through her and her family life.

  5. billy

    farrah fawcett was a great acter and a very beautiful wamen and im very sorry about her deth.ive whatch her growing up she was a good person.

  6. SUSAN B

    RIP Farrah we all wanted to look like you xx

  7. Geraldine Marsh

    I can’t believe such a beautiful person is no longer around. They say only the good die young and she was far too young. I hope God treasures her, it is only what she deserves. Goodbye my idol Heaven now has a very special Angel I will always miss you. Geraldine

  8. Dora

    RIP dear Lady! This is such sad news. I watched the documentary about her fight for life. She gave it all that she had. I know she is happy now… with the Lord and in no more pain. My heart goes out to Ryan and their son. Truly a beautiful soul. You will be missed by many.

  9. Wanda

    Once an angel always an angel. For years you were one of Charlie’s Angels, now you are one of God’s angels, home to rest from all your pain. You will truly be missed. My prayers are with your family.

  10. thea schlosser

    Dear ms fosset .
    You have not been overlooked by us .
    You will be missed for ever .
    Now you are with your other Angls .
    Your love left behind for us all ,your courege has helped countless fans of you and yours.
    Michaels passing then yours and Ed MC Man all to getther with in days .
    Michael the king of pop was such a suprize and that just kiked us all pretty hard .
    Only 50 .
    I think a lot of pople can feel his pain he went through ,like when diana died ,she was the princess for the world and michael was and is my prize for ever.

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