‘Fantastic Four’ Might Axe Jessica Alba

Rumor has it that Marvel wants to kill off one of the Fantastic Four in their upcoming issue #587, according to Monsters & Critics. It’s between Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch or The Thing, but really, with the Fantastic Four movie franchise doing well, would they really consider killing off Harper’s Bazaar cover girl, Jessica Alba a.k.a their money maker?

“It’s a story that will have a transformative effect on these characters – virtually nothing will be the same after the events of this story,” said Executive editor Tom Brevoort. “And that was the reason to go this route – to bring about these seismic changes to the characters and to the series.”

[Drum roll] It’s time to place your bets, SOCIALITE LIFE movie goers! Who will get the axe from Marvel? Will it be…

  1. Mr. Marvel, the leader of the clan; or
  2. The Thing, who’s basically indestructible; or
  3. Invisible Woman a.k.a Jessica Alba, who brings in the male audience due to that skin tight body suit and brightens any male-centric group; or
  4. Human Torch a.k.a Chris Evans, who brings in the female audience due to that skin tight body suit

Sadly, I lean towards the latter two even though the franchise needs their pretty face. However, if the Human Torch is cut then Evans can focus on his lucrative modeling career being the new face of Gucci Guilty and we won’t miss him in spandex for too long, as he’s set to be Captain America. And if they kill of the Invisible Woman, Alba will have more time for Yo Gabba Gabba and family vacations, as seen here with husband Cash Warren and daugther Honor arriving at LAX airport to catch a flight to Cabo San Lucas to ring in the new year yesterday.