Fantasia Backs It Up

April 18th, 2007 // 19 Comments

It’s Ass Wednesday here at A Socialite’s Life. Celebrity Babylon is claiming it has some interesting pics that are supposedly of American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino. And they aren’t glamour shots.

Stars NEVER learn! Pete Wentz, Paris Hilton have all been caught
taking “Scandalous” pictures of themselves!
American Idol 3 winner Fantasia Barrino takes some SHOCKING photos
of herself with her camera phone.
There’s no doubt that Barrino, 22, would have expected to have
these images on the internet! Watch out
Beyonce, because Fantasia is very Bootylicious!

Are we still using “bootylicious”? Didn’t we call a fatwa on that? If these are her, what was she trying to accomplish here? Is it hard to meet men with her jet-set lifestyle? Or was it because she couldn’t read or write and it brought her to this place where she’s taking photographs of herself shoving her butt at the camera? Reading is fundamental and will keep you off your cell phone.

The shot of Fantasia’s rear is after the jump.

(Image courtesy of Celebrity Babylon)

(Image courtesy of Celebrity Babylon)

By J. Harvey

  1. M

    She is disgusting.

  2. skinny fat

    she’s kind of gross

  3. Joann Durst

    Oh come on people, you know you have taken some ass shots of yourself at some point in your life. I still have mine.

    Pump, pump,pump, get it, get it!

  4. Pedro

    I don’t believe the full booty shot is her. When would she have the time? The girl has been working non stop since February preparing for broadway and is now doing 8 shows per week for massive numbers. I do believe the first picture is her but the one with the full booty no. Even if it is, so what it’s her ass. Get it signed it will be worth something for you one day. LMAO!

  5. Pedro

    I agree, who hasn’t taken shots of their ass? Even I have. Actually if that is her ass, it looks pretty good. I don’t see any cellulite, it looks nice and smooth. go on head tasia.

  6. M

    #3- yeah but we’re not celebrities and therefore no one gives a shit if our ass photos show up online.

    She is a nasty ass nappy headed ho.

  7. Sue

    #5 you sound bitter because you’re not a celebrity and no one gives a shit about your ass. I suggest you post your booty shots someone might want to look at them, you don’t have to be a celebrity to show your ass and have people talk. All asses are the same anyway.

    BTW, that “nappy headed ho” (I see you’re and Imus fan, he got fired so I wouldn’t follow his lead if I were you) is bringing in millions on broadway and has set records for the color purple. Pretty good for a “nappy headed ho”.

    ‘Idol’ Contestant Turns ‘Purple’ Green

    In another demonstration of the influence of related entertainment media on Broadway, the appearance of former American Idol contestant Fantasia Barrino in the musical stage version of The Color Purple has sent ticket sales through the roof. Sales totaled $1,183,722 during her first week, up 45 percent from $817,124 the previous week. Her scheduled Broadway appearance had been promoted on Idol and on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. (Winfrey is a producer of the Broadway show.)

  8. M, just because the discussion is about asses doesn’t mean you have to show yours. No one is interested.

  9. nick

    “She is a nasty ass nappy headed ho.”

    Imus, is that you?

  10. Gloria

    Can’t you tell that 2nd shot is not Fantasia…different underwear and a much bigger butt…please get a grip here.

  11. ricky

    The color and of the cabinets in both rooms are identical. Unless the explaination is someone went to the trouble of finding the same hotel and getting a room and taking the ass shot, then it is def her. What a dummy.

  12. roy b

    Damn Peeps,

    Nothing shocking here….Walk on any beach U.S.A. and women will be showing a whole lot more, including some camel toe.

    No story here must be a slow news day….

  13. Lala

    I find it very hard to believe it is her. If it was, then you would see her tatoos down her legs. Def not her unless it was taken a LONG time ago before Idol.

  14. roclite

    Yea really roy b. Just a girl in booty shorts.

  15. Jay

    That’s not her. Her ass is way thicker then that. Those are great pics but it’s not her. Check her out on MTV cribs. She is so thick.

  16. "MR.E.L.SY.ATHERAZ57!"

    Ms. Fantasia,(BABiGyRL)let me tell sumthin to U,Boo. Ur a Grown-Ass-Woman,and that BigPhatAssOfUr’s,is just that,Ur’s Booboo(smile)And if U care-to-share it with us,then I feel the better,`cause I consider myself to be as “AssConnoisseur!”(wink/smile)So for those whom would ridicule U for Ur fantasicfanie,Fantasia;…then B-U-M-P`EM,Boo,their just ridiculously try’n to remove U from Ur reign’n glory. I encourage U to allow those Hate’nAssholes to be just what they are. Ms.Fantasia,(BABiGyRL)I want U to know that I’m feel’n U,Boo(at least I’d like to be/blush/smile)And I also agree with U,Booboo. It ain’t alwayz about the beauty,”BUTT”(lol/hahaha/wink/smile)Sometimez,it’z all`bout “da-booty”,(wink)And Boo,U wear`em both(Booty&Beauty),Oh Sooooo Well.(smle) As I mentioned earlier,I’m considered to be “Da-Ass-Connoisseur!”, and it bringz me gr8 pleasurez to award U a ten(10+)plus,a large bag of “HOTT&SPICY”(as U r)chipz,and a suppersized choclate shake(not that there’s anything wrong with Ur’s Boo!(Wink/Smile)

  17. mont

    wow, human being showing her ass?? How shocking!!!
    you people need to get a life. Arguing about whether or not these ass shots are hers. Does it really matter? I’m pretty sure all the bitches reading this post have ass shots in their phone. but fantasia just happened to get her phone hacked.

  18. Raygo sed villians

    Yeah that’s her,can’t put it past her lol

  19. D-Dog

    damn that bitch is ugly. she look like a tranny. I look better than her and I’m a guy!

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