Fantasia Backs It Up

It’s Ass Wednesday here at A Socialite’s Life. Celebrity Babylon is claiming it has some interesting pics that are supposedly of American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino. And they aren’t glamour shots.

Stars NEVER learn! Pete Wentz, Paris Hilton have all been caught
taking “Scandalous” pictures of themselves!
American Idol 3 winner Fantasia Barrino takes some SHOCKING photos
of herself with her camera phone.
There’s no doubt that Barrino, 22, would have expected to have
these images on the internet! Watch out
Beyonce, because Fantasia is very Bootylicious!

Are we still using “bootylicious”? Didn’t we call a fatwa on that? If these are her, what was she trying to accomplish here? Is it hard to meet men with her jet-set lifestyle? Or was it because she couldn’t read or write and it brought her to this place where she’s taking photographs of herself shoving her butt at the camera? Reading is fundamental and will keep you off your cell phone.

The shot of Fantasia’s rear is after the jump.

(Image courtesy of Celebrity Babylon)

(Image courtesy of Celebrity Babylon)