Fans React To The Chris Brown Apology

Nothing really matters until the fans say it does. After Chris Brown released an apology video yesterday saying he was sorry for the Rihanna incident, fans took the message boards to give their two cents.

Some fans felt that it was totally sincere and were very impressed with the apology. “I am so proud of Chris right now! That had to be one of the hardest things he has or will ever do, to face your critics and seek forgiveness,” Tracie commented. While KonyakZero added, “He ain’t perfect. Give the kid a break. Now, if he does it again, that’s a different story. Second chance, people.” “This is a lesson he has to learn from,” noted Kimmyanita.

Other fans, however, felt that the apology was too little too late. “I’m glad he apologized, but in my opinion, public apologies mean nothing. He says he will never do it again. Well, I guess we’ll have to see what happens behind closed doors,” Diva4real5291 wrote. “But I’m happy he said something.” My personal comments came from Maxie who wrote, “Day late and dollar short. Do I smell a first single coming from a new album?” And Keekee who wrote, “”I’m not feeling it. His career is tanking, so it’s time to fix it before it’s too late.” Always doing whatever they have to for music sales.

One commenter, unome_djd was really not feeling it. “This apology is coming after he tried to plead not guilty. I’m sure that he has given [Rihanna] a sincere apology and I commend that, but this two-minute apology isn’t getting it for me.” Some even commented on how this whole affair would affect their love of Chris Brown’s music. “Blah blah blah. He’s still wrong for what he did, and like Oprah said, HE WILL DO IT AGAIN. Never again will I support him by listening to or purchasing his music,” wrote sonrisas_101.

Looks like most people didn’t like the apology. Listen Chris, it’s going to take a little while before everyone cools down enough to listen to your new music; possibly even after you’ve finished your probation. You might want to push your CD release date back a little. Just a suggestion.

Gallery Info: Chris Brown leaving a recording studio in Hollywood.