Fans Fainting For Alex Meraz

New Moon Wolf Pack hottie Alex Meraz is a big hit with fans. So much so that he’s had fans faint in front of him.

“I’ve had fainters. You know, I’ve had fans faint.

“I did [an appearance] in Miami and we had, like, three girls who threw up because they were screaming so loud for us! I was like, ‘wow’ I didn’t even know that was physically possible. That’s when you know you made it!”

Asked how he copes with crazed fans he jokes, “with a stick!”

But he adds, “they’re so respectful. They come out and they’re so respectful of me being wherever I’m at.

“So it’s pretty fun and I just try to include them in everything I do. You know, with my Tweet. I Tweet around. I have a really big family now.”

This is how New Moon made $278 million in two weeks at the box office people! Hollywood might want to take notice.

(Photos via Twifans)