Fans React To ‘Breaking Dawn’ Sex Scenes At Comic Con, New Panel Photos

A Twilight fan at Comic Con 2011 summed it up perfectly to MTV Wednesday night on the general feeling towards Edward and Bella’s consummation: “Let’s get real: We all want to see the sex.”  Yeah we do!  The fans were uncertain about Breaking Dawn Part 1’s rating (PG-13), but they were hoping for at least an NC-17.  Twihard Melissa Miller told MTV she’s mostly looking forward to the one and only scene we’ve been waiting for since we put down the book: “The intense scene when they first make love, because in the book it was very, ah, intense.” Watch video after the jump.

The mood inside Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center was electric while fans waited for a clip of the married couple doing it on the Isle of Esme.  Two scenes and a trailer were shown, which “garnered breathless screams after almost every line,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.  It wasn’t all fun and games for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart since weather conditions in Brazil didn’t allow for randy feelings.  “It felt like having a honeymoon in England, playing board games instead of making love on the beach,” Pattinson explained of the dismal conditions.

PHOTOS: We Spy RPatz At Comic Con 2011!

As we reported earlier, fans asked their favorite stars the most burning of questions, such as whether or not Pattinson enjoys having babies with Bella.  Another fan took it upon herself to point out Pattinson’s sex appeal (duh): “I think I speak for all of us when I say mnyum, mnuyum, mnyum.”