Fancy The Hair Of The Dog That Bit You, Jon Hamm? [PHOTOS]

Jon Hamm, you know I want to draw hearts all over your face.  Despite you looking either drunk or massively hungover, I still want to do that.

Mr Hamm-a-handsome attended the Esquire, Mr Porter, Jimmy Choo party as part of The Men London Collections at Corinthia Hotel London tonight (June 15th) along with Mollie King and her ex-boyfriend, David Gandy.

The London Collections: Men is the first ever showcase for menswear in the city.  “It’s hugely important to show that British fashion can compete with the best from Milan, Paris and New York. It’s also fully deserved,” Gandy told GQ UK.  “London and Britain have some of the best fashion creatives in the world, along with some of the best new menswear designers. This is a chance for them all to flourish, and flaunt to the rest of the world what British design and London is really made of.”