Family TV Awards Likes it “Ugly” and “Musical”

November 29th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Last night, the Family TV Awards awarded “Ugly Betty” with the honor of best comedy and its much-lauded star, America Ferrera, walked away with the award of best actress. Her trophy closet’s got to be nearing capacity, with her wins of an Emmy, SAG awards, as well as a Golden Globe already in her possession. Additionally, tween heartthrob and esteemed car owner, Zac Efron, was also recognized for his work in “High School Musical 2,” winning the best actor award. In addition, HS2 also went home with the best movie musical honor. And with these two being the most conspicuous award winners, you would think that we would have spotted them on the red carpet, but it looks like they did the show ninja-style or not at all. In any case, here’s the cast of “Pushing Daisies,” enjoying their win of best new series award, as well as a number of other TV stars, including the star of “Kyle XY,” whose haircut is confusing me.

Photos: Getty Images

Many more photos of family TV stars (Swoosie Kurtz, Tyler James Williams, Noah Gray-Cabey, Field Cate, Josh Gomez, Lee Pace, Ellen Greene, Zachary Levi, April Matson, Tony Plana, Matt Dallas, Chris Olivero, Paula Abdul, Debbie Allen, David Cassidy, Katie Cassidy, James Kyson Lee) after the jump.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. stew

    Ugly Betty seems awfully racy, especially in the sex dept, to be considered a family show. I always thought it odd that it came on @ 8pm instead of later.

  2. pinksalute

    Love Kyle XY! Thanks for the pictures.

  3. bob

    There is a new site called that you should check out. They stream music related events live on their site and if you have a band, you can play live on there. They stream in over 100 countries and all 50 states

  4. Zelda F.

    ASL: you need to seriously start charging some of these posters for advertising. BETTER YET – just block them from coming back.

    What is with that giant vein down the middle of Paula’s forehead and her wierdly shaped, rock hard looking boobs??? WHAT is with that???

  5. bella

    Paula looks great! i love her. who cares about anyone else when Paula was at the event! hehe

  6. yay

    PAULA ABDUL IS THE BEST. i miss paula and Im glad its only 1.5 months left until Idol comes back

  7. Fuchsia

    I’m glad Pushing Daisies won an award…it’s the best thing on TV. And Lee Pace is sooo hot and adorable on that show.

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