Family Man Simon Baker Takes A ‘Breath’

Simon Baker of CBS’s The Mentalist walks around his neighborhood with his wife Rebecca Rigg and their 2 youngest children Claude and Harry (Nicole Kidman is Harry’s godmother) and their rescued dog Happy.

Baker has a full plate between spending time with his family and working on The Mentalist. He’s about to get a little busier. Simon and producer Mark Johnson have teamed to acquire feature rights to the Tim Winton novel Breath.

Published in 2008, the novel is set in a small town in Western Australia where two 16-year-old boys take up surfing under the tutelage of an enigmatic surfer named Sando (Baker) and his mysterious wife. Spurred on by their mentor, the boys test the limits of courage and recklessness as they try to escape their mundane lives.

The Mentalist airs at 10/9 Central Thursday nights on CBS.