Kors and His Commandments

Michael Kors is synonymous with simple and stunning style. After his stint on “Project Runway” you couldn’t help but love his snarky yet painfully true commentary. Kors has passed down his “Rules” for turning it out. From carrying the right man-bag to the perfect vacation destination Details Magazine has his do’s and don’ts.

1. Every man–no matter his age, size, or style–looks sexy in a peacoat. I am peacoat-obsessed.

2. I have an issue with men carrying bags that look too slick. Messenger bags are the modern version of the briefcase. I had a collection of clutches as a teenager.

3. Cheesy music makes a party. Donna Summer or Madonna–that stuff gets people on the dance floor. Then you have to have junk food, done well, because that’s what everyone really wants.

4. You should have a wardrobe of jeans in different washes and fits–from the pair that’s so comfortable you could work out in them to the pair that you can wear with a tie and a sports jacket to dinner.

See Why Kors Isn’t a Brady Bunch Fan After the Jump

5. A perfect vacation has to have different moods. Capri does that for me. You can lie on a rock all day. Then you can go buy a pair of $400,000 earrings. Then you go out for an amazing dinner. Angkor Wat is the same: history, nature, luxury.

6. Women love men in color. Olive green and orange are the chicest colors in the world. Lavender and purple look great with gray and black. I hate Brady Bunch colors like teal and cranberry.

For the rest of Michaels style commandments check out Details Magazine.

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