Falling Out: Jessica Simpson & Her Stylist Part Ways?

If there were more hair references I could make in that title, I would have. It seems that Jessica Simpson and her stylist/BFF/gay husband Ken Paves have been having some rocky times.

An insider has told E! News that the two had a major fight over the summer and he’s refusing to speak to her, leaving her devastated.

Simpson tried to make amends, even inviting Paves along to her 30th birthday party in Capri in July, where she brought along her family, girlfriends and new boyfriend Eric Johnson for a relaxing getaway. But Paves turned her down.

Along with some other drama, Jessica is said to be upset that Ken has been tweeting his love for his other galpal, Eva Longoria, calling her his “best friend.”

However, he says there is no bad blood, telling E!, “Jessica and I are definitely still friends. Jess is very supportive of my other relationships as I am of hers! The truth is we have both been busy and on different schedules,” he says. “I know Jessica is very excited for me! I’ve brought her dad Joe on to manage these projects. It’s all in the family! We are all definitely still friends…”

Really, maybe he’s just jealous that she’s got a real boyfriend now – and you can see Eric and Jessica out on their shopping spree at Barney’s in NYC below – and all her attention isn’t being paid to her best gay?