Fall Trend Report

Classic suits and neat tailoring are sweeping the runway. Day wear transitions to evening wear and evening pieces are integrated into daytime outfits. Embroidery and tunics are hot. White jumpsuits abound, with Luca Luca sporting the moon man from outer space look, infusing apres ski with a futuristic edge. Disco queens rejoice; metallic looks gilded in gold were spotted all over the runway. Say goodbye to Tara Reid’s exposed thong and muffin tops pouring over low rise jeans. Today rang the death knell of low rise jeans, the scourge of fashion that gave ordinarily attractive girls plumber butt for the last few years. High-waisted jeans are making a comeback. Waists have not been this high since the Regan administration. Glaringly absent are the ubiquitous wide belts from last season. All in all, Fall Fashion Week’s trends are plentiful and varied enough to appeal to socialites, social climbers and social misfits alike.

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