Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz’s Penis

There are some rather revealing photos of Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz in various forms of undress. Jossip has uncovered (no pun intended) photos most likely taken off of his Sidekick. Allegedly, a former friend of Paul’s is behind the leak. I just have never understood why people, especially someone famous (if you consider Pete Wentz famous), take naked photos of themselves? Is it for prosperity’s sake? To help him remember what it looks like? To show prospective dates?

Head (once again, no pun intended) on over to Jossip for the full monty.

Pete Wentz: Fall out (of pants) boy [Jossip]

UPDATE: The original source is Pete Wentz himself. One of the members from Oh No They Didn’t was emailed them by a friend, who got them from Pete Wentz when he was allegedly drunk. They were not stolen from any phone.  They were sent to someone by him.