Fall Out Boy Will Write A Sad Song About Their Recent Album Leak On The Album After This Next One

Fall Out Boy’s latest album, “Infinity On High,” on which both Kanye West and Jay-Z put their touches, was recently leaked to the Internet a full two weeks before its release. Starpulse News Blog reports:

Bassist Pete Wentz says, “This isn’t the end of the world, (but) it certainly feels pretty terrible.”

Despite their anger, the band admitted they could sympathize with eager fans, but Wentz warns that if the practice of illegal downloads continues, Fall Out Boy could be forced out of the industry.

He adds, “We understand those who have to sneak a peek at the presents under the tree the night before, but please remember that as the music industry changes more and more, we only put out a record so we can keep touring and traveling. “

Hey, at least it’s not another picture of one of y’all’s penises, right? Or shit, that might actually be better than an album. Depends on the album and/or the penis, I guess.

Fall Out Boy Is Upset About Album Leak [Starpulse News Blog]