Fall Out Boy Return From Uganda

July 27th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Fall Out Boy just returned from their recent trip to Uganda where they shot the video for their next single. Joe Trohman from Fall Out Boy posted a journal of what their experience was like during their visit. Here’s a taste:

Theres a lot to be learned from the people of Uganda. Despite the third world living we encountered in Gulu, the friendliness and open arms that the people bestowed upon us was truly wonderful. It’s inspiring to meet people in such dire living conditions who still put on a smile everyday and live their lives to the fullest.

The city of Gulu is one sense of poverty, yet the displacements camp we went to was well below the poverty line. The people, especially the children, are kept there as protection from the Rebels who would abduct them to use as child soldiers in the ongoing civil war. The living conditions at these camps are not so good. Malaria and Typhoid are amongst some of the biggest killers there, and they have no medical attention available to treat that. Like I had said in a photo I posted, there are about 50,000 people at this particular displacement camp. Around 80 percent are kids, most orphans. We were very lucky to have to opportunity to go there, see what its like first hand, meet the people living it, and help Invisible Children document everything, so we can show it to you all. Maybe it will inspire some of you to help in whatever ways you can.

Check out the full post from Joe Trohmans’ journal over at Buzznet. The boys of Fall Out Boy have been busy of late. Pete Wentz just unveiled the new t-shirts from his line Clandestine, and he’s modeling one in this photo.

By Kimberly London

  1. All that malaria, and Pete Wentz comes back unscathed. Damn.

  2. ShameOnMe

    And why don’t they have medical aid? Where is all the charity money going to.. ? Billions and billions spent, thousands of volunteers and missionary’s and it’s never enough?

  3. I guess they have to go to Africa in order to feel they are “real.”

  4. JaneSay

    Nice to see a band that actually takes a little time out from shooting up and being complete narcissistic assholes in order to do something meaningful for those who need it. Kudos to them for giving a shit. I am not a fan of their music but their act of generosity and lack of apathy has won me over! Rare is it that anyone from the “good old US” ever attempts to help anyone outside their immediate families!

  5. Gail

    Good for them….not familiar with their music, but in ever interview I’ve seen, they come off as surprisingly modest and thoughtful. I will definitely check out their music!

  6. Wu

    good on them for going but has it really taken this long for ppl to see the problems in Uganda? all those children suffering forced to kill each other. Most of the children fighting dont even no or understand why they are fighting. ppl should take a leaf out of their books and take action. If you turely care or want to help go to this link https://www.worldvision.org/Worldvision/guest.nsf/nochild_soldiers?Open&lid=Declaration&lpos=main and add ur name. Please try to understand how much this will help the thousands of children soldiers and all the death, pain and suffering occuring in Uganda.

  7. chelsea

    i think it was great that they went to Uganda.. it shows how much fall out boy care about the poor children…. plus they REALY rock!!!

  8. Malaika

    To the guy who asks where the aid money goes? To pay the aid workers. These aid workers are paid hefty salaries, live luxuriously and make sporadic visits to affected areas from the capitals like nairobi. Africa needs fair trade not aid. What is the point of giving aid with conditions like that project’s top personnel must come from the donors country. Im shocked that fallout boy came to Gulu. I know their music and the fact that they came without celeb fanfair says a lot about them. And of all places Gulu, one of the most dangerous places in Africa. I should know, I live in Kenya. Please fallout come to nairobi for a show soon!

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