Fall 2010 New York Fashion Week: amfAR Gala

Despite the heaps of snow on the ground you can still feel the frenzy in the air as New York Fashion Week kicks off.  You might not be able to see Lady Gaga very well in the snow though, because she is covered head to toe in white.

Gaga left the string at home for last night’s amFar benefit gala and glued pearls directly on her bikini, cropped jacket, hat, platform boots, and skin.  Normally I’m a big fan of the Bad Romance singers creative looks but she in this case she appears to have a really bad case of Psoriasis or barnacles.

On the plus side it does make you notice her special edition Lady Gaga lipstick, that helps raise money for AIDs research.  Gaga and Cyndi Lauper went on GMA yesterday to talk about the program, and the young singer also had some advice for women.

Lady Gaga performed “Future Love” at the annual gala, which also raises money for HIV/Aids research, while the night itself was dedicated to the late actress and advocate Natasha Richardson. Poor Natasha, I almost forgot about her tragedy with all of the Michael Jackson tributes.

Richardson’s mother Vanessa Redgrave and sister Joely Richardson showed up in red, which is great because I’m really tired of all this black. Not that  Heidi Klum, Julia Stiles, Meryl Streep, Donna Karan, (and actually Redgrave once she took her coat off) don’t look great, but pleaaaase take a little winter risk. At least Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen mixed up their black with interesting textures and Ashley threw me some taupe. Lauper one-uped her with some traffic light yellow. The sea of black made Iman’s eh emerald gown the eye catcher of the night.