Fall Television Focus: Dreamy ‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell [PHOTOS]

TVD In Monte Carlo
The CW stars gathered in Monaco in 2010.
Stephen Amell stars in the upcoming CW series, Arrow, premiering October 10th at 8/7C.  Today (August 6th), the Toronto-born star grabbed drinks with a friend in Vancouver, where he shoots the show, based on DC Comics characters and mixed well with the premise of Castaway.

Amell’s character, Oliver Queen, went missing after the yacht he was on in the Pacific Ocean sunk.  While he was presumed dead, Queen survived on an island for five years until he was rescued by Asian fisherman.  When he returned home, Queen found that things had more or less changed; His mother had remarried, for starters (the Queen family patriarch perished in the boating accident).

Queen essentially becomes a vigilante, using the survival skills he learned on the deserted island to fight crime at night, while pretending to return to his douchey, rich kid ways by day.

Look at that bone structure.  I mean, yum.