‘Faking It’ Star Gregg Sulkin Shows Off Some Very Nice Abs By The Beach

August 11th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

I’m sure you’ve all had your fill of sad news for the day, so we’ll talk about that a little bit later.

Right now we’re going to focus on Gregg Sulkin and his abs, because, I mean, look at his abs.

The Faking It star made sure to give us a nice look at them this weekend as he worked out on the beach with his trainer. They’re doing some pretty crazy stuff. No wonder he has those abs. 

I have no idea why he thought it’d be a good idea to cover them up on the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards. Well, OK, maybe going shirtless to a kiddie show would have been a bad idea. I’ll forgive it this once. Launch the gallery to enjoy some working out and ab-ie Gregg Sulkin. Hopefully it improves your Monday.

By Sabba Rahbar

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