‘Faking It’ Star Gregg Sulkin Looks Hot Atop The Empire State Building, Jokes About Selena Gomez

Do you guys know who Gregg Sulkin is?

If you have smallish children, watch MTV or pay attention to the hot, young stars from across the pond, then you must! But if not, let me give you a quick breakdown.

He was Selena Gomez’s boyfriend on Wizards of Waverly Place, he now plays Liam on Faking It and he has a new movie called Affluenza coming out tomorrow. Basically, he’s a hottie. And judging by his latest interview with HuffPo Live, he’s a total cutie, too. 

When asked about his famous, former co-star Selena Gregg joked, “Selena is obviously Selena. She’s in a different city every single day I think. And someone like her, she has to change her number I think once every 2 weeks maybe.” So while he probably doesn’t keep up too frequently with Selena, he does hang out with David Henrieall the time.

In fact, here’s shirtless Gregg hanging out with shirtless David back in the day. He calls David his older brother. It’s all very adorable. Check out what else he has to say about his Wizards time below, and check out the rest of the interview here. And do not forget to launch the gallery for some quality staring. He’s legal and British. What more do you need?