(Images courtesy of BuzzFoto.com)

Recently, you may have noticed that Paris Hilton is carrying children and wearing demure bathing suits and avoiding the clubs. What is this, you ask? Did prison change her for the better? Is she on a more meaningful path in life? Is she looking inward rather than seeking gratification from flashbulbs, threeways, and smoking giant blunts with her cokehead bitch posse? Actually, no. She realized that she needed some damage control after going to prison and sought the help of a special damage control-type PR firm. She’s the same ole’ Paris, but trying to fool our asses.

After Hilton’s stint in jail, she abandoned longtime publicist Elliot Mintz for Sitrick, who’s handled Ryan Phillipe, Rush Limbaugh and Naomi Campbell during their own scandals. Since then, in addition to dressing more like a classy socialite and avoiding late-night stumbles out of Hollywood clubs, Hilton – who now parties away from the cameras in her Malibu house – has stopped her longtime habit of chatting with photographers.

One of Paris’ usual photogs said that he can tell it’s hard for her to avoid the flashbulbs. She was like a giant blond moth with those flashbulbs. I give this about three months. Then she will get bored and start making that stupid open-mouthed face on the red carpet and doing sex gymnastics with multiple partners on the hoods of Bentleys while covered in champagne. And whoever let her hold their baby should be jailed!