Faith Hill Might Be Out One Smokingly Hot Husband

January 5th, 2007 // 91 Comments

Faith Hill might be joining the same club as Reese Witherspoon. Hot guys can’t be kept, they must be allowed to run free!

The 10-year marriage of country superstars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw has hit a rough patch because of Tim’s hard-partying ways, sources say.

And The ENQUIRER has learned that Faith’s bizarre meltdown at the Country Music Awards in November was a result of the trouble brewing at home.

Tim and Faith are widely regarded as having one of the most stable marriages in country music, but friends say 39-year-old Tim “has been living something of a double existence in his personal life.”

More on what Tim’s been doing when he’s away from home after the jump.


While he is a doting dad and adoring husband while he’s home, he’s also an “aging party boy” when he’s hanging out with his longtime band mates and former college fraternity brothers.

Does Tim need another drinking buddy? I saw that “meltdown” of hers by the way. You know – when someone else won and it looked like she mouthed “WHAT?” at the cameras and split? It was a joke. Right? Wait, is bitch crazy? Who cares, Tim McGraw and his hat and his tight jeans and his drinking problem might be free soon. Bring it. Hopefully his “double existence” involves reach-arounds. Wow. Crass.

By J. Harvey

  1. alexis

    it is pretty well-known in nashville that both faith and tim live about knee deep in coke.
    thats what i blame the bizarre behavior at the cmas on.

  2. Any public couple that over does their affection is suspicious to me. I’ve noticed Gill and Grant aren’t quite as gazy at each other anymore.

    Faith is also known for a wandering eye her own self. Word was circling around town back when that that second girl of the McGraw’s was not Tim’s child, but,he overlooked it because he was so nuts about Faith.

  3. Amanda

    You are kidding about him being “smokingly hot,” right?

  4. rebecca

    he’s gay just like kenny…

    go listen to their duet: “I cant’ go there”

    Now that’s where there’s smoke & fire.

  5. MissNee

    I’ll take Tim.

  6. Tim&Faith4ever

    Ok, Umm..this is a fucking joke right?? Seriously! haha I can’t help but laugh. I think you all might be a little jealous that they’re so in love and like Oprah says “they must have hot sex.” lol Yeah…go fuck yourselves.

  7. Tim&Faith4ever

    Ok, Umm..this is a fucking joke right?? Seriously! haha I can’t help but laugh. I think you all might be a little jealous that they’re so in love and like Oprah says “they must have hot sex.” lol Yeah…go fuck yourselves.

  8. Timfan4ever

    People better get their stories straight, anyone who follows Tim and Faith know how devoted to each other they are!!! And to the person who said Tim isn’t hot, I have a really good eye doctor for you.

  9. j.d.

    on the set of friday night lights, a lot of to-do was made over how long he took in hair/makeup to cover the bald spot. it was kind of a joke. he bought all the cast and crew filet mignon and lobster on the last day, and that was like 300 people.

  10. mark

    1st, Tim is a fine piece o’real estate baby…i wanna get me a piece of that land….2nd…..doesn’t anybody else seem to remember that when they first ‘got together’ that faith was engaged to her record producer, and tim had been in a long-term relationship (and even has the never mentioned anymore son to prove it), that literally 2 months after they started thier tour together, they were announcing their engagement, about 3 mos later they were married, about 4 mos after, boom the baby arrived……9 mos. to do the right thing after a 1 night stand or risk losing their careers in country…..

  11. Re: Amy and Vinnie:

    Did some work recently for Amy,. Vinnie was there and they seemed fine. very comfortable and grounded. Worked on a media project that had me around them for a couple of days.

    Could be fooled, but if there was anything wrong it was buried deep enough that it was…well, none of my business.

    Re: Tim & Faith, who knows? I hope they are okay because marital problems suck, no matter who you are, and I don’t wish it on anyone.

  12. ZeldaF

    Yes…… I’ll bet Tim has a beautifil, high hard one to ride…. Of course I mean his faithful horse Trigger……….

  13. ZeldaF

    Ok, before y’all say I’m an illiterate back woods hillbilly, let me just say one two many martini’s promotes spelling errors.. B E A U T I F U L!

  14. Leni

    Uh, ZeldaF…(Fitzgerald, maybe?),

    You better quit with your “martini’s” ’cause there just t’ain’t no apostrophe in there, hillbilly hic(k) …hic…hic…

    Drunk and illiterate. I hear Britney’s looking for some new pals!

  15. jml

    woah guys calm down here’s the deal….im a photographer who has worked and spent many-a-day with the mcgraw-hill family and they are MESSED UP !!!!!!! and thats okay, what isnt okay is that they pretend not to be. he is hilarious, she is a bitch and they arent in love like they say. she is also so ugly and old in real life i didnt even know who she was for about 2 hours haha she is a sick old hag and he (although not attractive by nature) is way better than her!

  16. me

    fucking haters ..get a life of your own and screw that one up :P

  17. Sara

    Sure you have JML.

  18. amel

    Faith should have kept the blonde hair. I can see why he wouldnt want her any more. That brown hair is fug.

  19. country historian

    I cannot say with certainty whether or not Tim and Faith are having serious marital problems at this time. However I CAN say that both are experiencing career stalls on some level and that is bound to create stress and tension in the relationship. I would hardly call that scandalous or even secretive.

    As for the alleged “son” that someone mentioned above, let me just clarify the facts. Tim McGraw does not now, nor did he ever have a biological son. Before he dated Faith, he was seriously involved with a single mom of a small son, with whom Tim was quite close. The reason you never hear anything about the little boy is because he is not related to Tim in any way.

    Also, someone said that it is “well known in Nashville that Tim and Faith are knee deep in Coke”. That is unequivocably false. If Tim and Faith are using cocaine, it is one of the most well-kept SECRETS in Nashville as there is no buzz regarding that issue. So it is most definitely NOT “well known….” . Some of you are completely pulling some of these stories out of your a**es.

    And finally, to the person who claims to be a photographer who has worked closely with the McGraw/Hill family, I call bullsh**. Tim and Faith may or may not be having marital problems right now but the family, in general, is not “messed up”. Both Faith and Tim are excellent parents to their children and are committed to keeping the family functional in goo times and in bad. Contrary to popular opinion, some people are capable of disagreeing on a direction or vision for the future without becoming enemies, OR abusive, negligent parents.

  20. ZeldaF

    Leni – I’d measure my education against yours anyday……… Mean & Nasty, mabye you should audition for Paris as a new BFF. :-)

  21. Harv

    For one thing both Tim and Faith are attractive people and are you forgetting very talented? These posts or most of them prove that for some reason certain humans love to see other’s miserable or imagine that they are.

  22. Prada Urbanite

    “Country” is the special olympics of music. “New Country” is the most ridulous of all. It’s basically twangy 80′s rock-light. God knows the hairstyles are all from two decades ago.

    I imagine country music fans drink white zinfandel when they’re feeling “classy”.

    And don’t get me started on Nascar.

    It seems that our 50% Bush loving nation is becoming the world’s trailer park.

  23. Johnny Socko

    Yes I heard through the grapevine that Faith isn’t really into McGraw anymore. Word is she is sick of looking down at the shrimp with her being about 2 inches taller even though he wears high heels and also lifts inside his jacked up boots, giving him an extra 7 or 8 inches or so. Also she can’t stand his bald head as well even though McGraw spent about 20 grand on plugs and implants to no aveil. On top of that he has that really hickish twang in his voice along with the false politeness trying to be like Elvis, with the no sir and yes sir jazz. To top it off word around Nashville is McGraw just can’t please Faith with his undersized member, (just slightly larger than a tootsie roll) and she is looking to expand her escaped to biggie size. So yes the word on the street is Faith can’t stand that loser anymore, especially when he takes his silly cowboy hat off and she can’t stop laughing looking at that hatless head and 5 foot 3 and 130lb frame.

  24. countryfan

    what do “urbanites” drink when they are feeling classy? Wine coolers? You just wish you made as much money as these twangy stars?

  25. maria

    he is soooo hot. but he needs to keep his goatee. he looks like a car salesman w/out it.

    she used to be hot, but it must be the drugs cos she is looking fug the last couple years. the only time she looks really hot is photoshopped magazines and videos.

  26. ZeldaF

    Johnny……. that’s just MEAN!!! Shame on you!!!

  27. Leni

    ZeldaF, if you REALLY want to measure your education against mine, might I point out your last post:

    “Leni – I’d measure my education against yours anyday……… Mean & Nasty, mabye you should audition for Paris as a new BFF. :-)”

    If you feel the need to tell people off and boast about your supposedly superior smarts, you might start by fixing your spelling of “mabye” (maybe) and learn that “anyday” is actually two words (any day).

  28. Leni

    Oh, and let’s not forget about “one two many” from your little “martini’s” explanation.

    Good grief.

    I can’t read any more of this crap.

  29. ZeldaF

    Leni – you REALLY should seek help…. YOU obviously have an anger / hatred problem…….. To attack a stranger – for no other reason than to just be a bitch…. You REALLY need help….. It’s indeed a pity if you’ve had rough childhood; I’m so sorry for you; I truly feel for you. Did you sit home during high school, developing hatred, while everyone else went to the prom? No dates? No friends? Have your had your first kiss yet? Does the mirroire crack when you gaze into it? I can only assume it does, given your level of anger / hatred. It seems obvious that you don’t have many friends… You don’t have a gun, do you? Leni, it’s difficult, but it’s time to get over it. Move past it, my dear friend, feel the love. I’ll happily pay for your therapy. If you can’t accept a strangers offer, then pile your fat lard-ass back on your broom (that is, if you can possibly wedge it out of that grand canyon ass crack of yours) and ride it back to the hovel in which you belong….. Are you feeling the love yet, Baby? In the meantime… we’ll all be pulling for you, hoping you can get past your “little problem”…… With lots & lots & lots of love – - Zelda & friends…

  30. Brad

    Hopefully Faith leaves him and walks those l-o-n-g legs straight to me!

  31. yes

    actually, tim mcgraw is bff fo life with some fellow my stepfather works with and was at some lsu[?] football game with them both this past weekend. he seemed happier than ever and boasted about his wife. i’m just saying..
    maybe i’m naive. i dont really care. i’m not really all about lovin some country music.

  32. WendyInDC

    I think Leni and Zelda should just sleep together already — get it on and feel the love, lovers!

  33. fozziebear

    Don’t care about Tim & Faith… Just want to hear more from Leni & Zelda.

  34. Sam


    He acts like a bad ass, never smiles, tough guy, and ya wonder why this relationship doesn’t work out…

  35. ZeldaF

    Fozzie – Leni is a crack whore, she won’t be back around until the sun goes down, ensuring she won’t be at risk of sunlight touching her milky white, pasty, cold, clammy skin. I’ve got my wooden stake and cross at hand, I’ve placed garlic over the doorway. Even though she probably won’t be able to smell the garlic over the doorway, past her own wretched breath…… Of course, she probably couldn’t get thru the doorway with that Grand Canyon ass / hootchie crack of hers………. Only a Mack Truck would be safe in that canyon……

  36. jml

    how is it so impossible ive worked with them, ive worked with many country acts, im a PR photographer for a national rodeo haha are you people so middle-class you think its not possible? trust me, i know. i guess you are the types of people to cry at the sight or handshake of your idol and you probably pay for tickets 32 rows back and sing and dance at their concerts like they give a fuck, well heres a little bit of info…the prices are inflated and no matter how much it matters to you that they singed the autograph “with love” they wont rememeber you longer than it takes to chug a beer so dont get excited, why WOULD you defend these poeple who make it a lifes mission to make money for creating and pepetuating an unrealistic image of EVERYTHING?!?!?!?!? THEY are the reason YOU are unhappy…they put the idea in your head that your life sucks because you arent beautiful, thin, rich or famous. get over it, they suck as much as your next door neighbors and as much as you do when you are throwing your curling iron at your husbands face because you ran into his hs girlfriend, they are human, not super human, not fabulous and not that fucking great. heres the deal, faith is busted, tim always has a buzz on, toby is a diva and carrie underwood is a joke if you have more to say about what i do or who i know feel free to e-mail me

  37. Tonysgirl

    I hope it is not true, because that would just be sad.
    And Tim was hot at one time, but well he is aging.

    And you all crack me up.

  38. EraserFan

    I can’t believe how many comments this J.Harvey story has gotten, when her Golden Girls writeups don’t get any. I guess people are passionate about shitty music and have no passion for the lives of 4 senior citizens just trying to make their last years enjoyable in Florida. Thank you for being a friend!

  39. KingofChips

    This thread has more drama than Degrassi Junior High! Or the time Bob Vila left This Old House!

    Tim and Faith need each other like a needle needs a vein. Although, I suppose that’s not the healthiest way to describe your relationship.

  40. crystal

    JML, You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!Love to read your posts…….wish you could write a tell all book…I’d buy it!

  41. Janna

    They are the cutest couple EVER!!! Everyone just leave them alone and let them work through there problems just like everyone else!!!!!!

  42. timtiminytimtimsharoo

    I have it on good authority(not second hand) that Tim’s been letting his fingers do the walking with a nother young singer in N-town..

  43. rat

    shes a washed up old whore and hes so fucking gay his ass is always lubed up…she needed to be hidden so all the record exvs. could bang her ass and prfect spot Mr. Rock hudsin timwas the cover for his gay ass and her whoring to be covered up…they a both trash and need to go back to the bars and carnivls to play..trailer trash

  44. kennewton

    faith needs to suck me off and her gay hubby needs to go to bareback mt san francisco
    she is a spoiled slut who is getting old sagging those fake tits and xxl ass of hers …get a pimp and get my money hip hop suck a black man faith hill go black your gay hubby not coming back

  45. Angela

    This is so ridiculous. All of sudden Tim and Faith are having marital problems why because some physic said so on TV and now the National Enquirer has proof. Please. This same thing was said back in 2003 and they just celebrated their 10 year anniversary. And what is the most sad that people just have no respect for anyone else or their familie. They have 3 children together who can read and have to read this crap about their family supposivly breaking up. How sad this country is, to root for famililes to break up. And the person who said that they only were doing the right thing by getting married and they had to to save their carrers please they have been married for 10 years and have 3 children together, they built a home, a family, and a marriage together that should be respected. And for the person who said their careers have stalled, you are a moron. Did you forget that they just had the highest grossing tour in country of all time and 5th overall for the year behind some major acts, if that is a stall then I don’t know what success is or do you just know nothing about country music? All of sudden after 10 years Tim is a hard party boy, give me a break. They never pretended to be perfect. They have said in the past that marriage is hard work and that they don’t always agree but their marriage and family is the priority in their lives.

  46. mr mean

    ahhh come on now faith is a washed up crack whore when they found her selling her ass for dime bags…and gay boy tim…wellll you park dick sucker enough said bout him and his pal from wham…now faith your sagging tits and lard ass just does not do it never has so take all your plastic make up and carrer is over gig is up …no none like a slut bitch and a washed up one at that ha ha ha

  47. ew

    tim you bald gay boy
    faith you has been old crack whore
    what else do they need …
    hope they go broke and hes back at the bus station looking for love and shes walking the strip telling how famous she was for a $10.00 blow -job what a cople of scum suckers

  48. big xcock

    faith you std carrying slut…how many guys have you slept with and your closet queen hubby did you cuckhold him…your coke whoring days are ahead of you your scum

  49. Sis

    I know for a fact neither of them believe in tipping their valets! That disgusts me :(

  50. P.J.

    you people who get off on stirring up trouble where there is none or just like shooting your mouth need to get a life. things some have said are slanderous in the least and in the end you will usually get yours ten fold. jealousy is a sin and so is judgeing others. maybe you should read the bible instead of those rag mags, then you can have the truth to talk about

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