Faith Hill Might Be Out One Smokingly Hot Husband

Faith Hill might be joining the same club as Reese Witherspoon. Hot guys can’t be kept, they must be allowed to run free!

The 10-year marriage of country superstars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw has hit a rough patch because of Tim’s hard-partying ways, sources say.

And The ENQUIRER has learned that Faith’s bizarre meltdown at the Country Music Awards in November was a result of the trouble brewing at home.

Tim and Faith are widely regarded as having one of the most stable marriages in country music, but friends say 39-year-old Tim “has been living something of a double existence in his personal life.”

More on what Tim’s been doing when he’s away from home after the jump.


While he is a doting dad and adoring husband while he’s home, he’s also an “aging party boy” when he’s hanging out with his longtime band mates and former college fraternity brothers.

Does Tim need another drinking buddy? I saw that “meltdown” of hers by the way. You know – when someone else won and it looked like she mouthed “WHAT?” at the cameras and split? It was a joke. Right? Wait, is bitch crazy? Who cares, Tim McGraw and his hat and his tight jeans and his drinking problem might be free soon. Bring it. Hopefully his “double existence” involves reach-arounds. Wow. Crass.