Faith Hill Determined to Protect Her Man’s Junk

Faith Hill was not having it when a fan recently got a little too friendly with her husband, Tim McGraw. Hill was in Lafayette, Louisiana, performing during her Soul2Soul tour when the fan reached out and decided to try and manhandle McGraw’s “man handle.” Faith responded by telling the over-exuberant fan:

“Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend,” Faith scolded the fan. “You don’t go grabbin’ somebody else’s — somebody’s husband’s balls, you understand me? That’s very disrespectful.”

That’s disrespectful? Next thing you know, she’s going to say that sniffing someone else’s butt when you meet them for the first time is inappropriate behavior and that I really need to learn some manners. Hello? How else am I supposed to be expected to remember that person’s name?