Fact: Miranda Kerr And Orlando Bloom Are Still Together

Nope, no singletons here.  Pretty gal Miranda Kerr denies rumors of a split with boyfriend Orlando Bloom, according to Showbiz Spy.  The rumors starting swirling after Kerr was spotted out with a member of Kings of Leon one New York City night. 

“‘I’m definitely not single,’ says Miranda. ‘The Kings of Leon are
mutual friends of Orlando and me. It’s ridiculous but we just laugh
about it now.  People just make it up. You can’t do anything without some rumor.'”

All’s well that ends well.  The beautiful people are still together, and the rest of us go on with our underpaid, mundane lives.  Today is a great day.

Gallery Info: Miranda Kerr, Didier Cohen, Emma Freedman, and Meagan Gale at the Caulfield Cup in Melbourne, Australia.