Fact Of Life: Johnny Depp Is Hottest Person You Will See All Day

Johnny Depp's Looks
Johnny Depp's red carpet evolution.
Goodness, gracious me look at this beautiful man right here.

No matter how old he gets or how many random young ladies he chooses to date, Johnny Depp will always be an uber hottie. That was particularly evident over the weekend when we spotted Johnny looking sexy on the set of his new movie, Transcendence.

I’ve gotta say, I much prefer short haired Johnny like what we’ve got going on here. Plus, I know that cigarettes are really, really bad for you, but they definitely give Johnny a cool factor. Just check out the photos in the gallery. 

No word yet on how things have progressed with Johnny and his alleged lady love Amber Heard. Also, does it boggle anyone else’s mind that this guyand the guy above are the same person?! Oh Johnny, you’re a gem.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Johnny being sexy on set. Is he still your celebrity crush after all these years? Or have you moved on to someone else? Let us know in the comments!