Fabio Wants To Be Our Top Sexy Spokesman Again [PHOTOS]

Fabio, oh Fabio.  You zo zexy.  Look at you posing in a graphic three-quarter tee with cargo pants and cowboy boots.  You’re the new Old Spice, and Isaiah Mustafa has his work cut out for him if he’s going to go up against the original Italian Stallion.  Fabio is battling Mustafa in a little friendly competition called “Mano A Mano En El Bano” (Man To Man In The Bathroom) through a series of YouTube vidoes.  The gentleman with the most “likes” wins.

“Years ago I had all the love of the women.  I was the top TV sexy spokesman,” said a solemn Fabio.  Check out the video after the jump of Fabio pleading with Mustafa to let him be the sexy Old Spice man.