Fabian Basabe/Anna Anisimova Fun Facts

Fashion Wire Daily gathers two of the greatest intellectual minds in the history of the world. Fabian Basabe, guest star on the U.S. version of Faking It, and Anna Anisimova, the possibly 23-year-old 19-year old.

We got to learn so much from them. It Boy Fabian is known for those hard hitting questions. My favorite part of the whole interview was the non-interview part: the what they wore, and fun facts.

What They Wore to the Phone Interview
Anna: “A dirty T-shirt and sweatpants—I was cleaning all day.” (just your average girl)
Fabian: “Pajama bottoms and a Costume National sweatshirt.” (label whore)

Fun Facts
He loves pizza!
She hates shopping!
His mom made him learn ballroom dancing! (whatever)
She uses baby wipes to wash her face! (now that’s just plain wrong)


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