Fabian Basabe Quote Of The Day

October 3rd, 2005 // 66 Comments

In regards to how he and his wife spend their spare time.

“Hot people have sex. That’s what we do.”

(Source: Gatecrasher)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Smart Ian

    Yes, but with whom?

  2. erica

    I really can’t put into words how much I can’t stand that f**king HOMO!!!!

  3. mimi

    with Hayden Christianson?

  4. trist

    Can somebody tell me what’s this guy’s claim to fame? I just watched an episode of “Fakin it” where Fabian Basabe tried to turn this vegetable farmer into a socialite. So is that why people talk about him? Please enlighten me, thanks.

  5. chester

    Who names their kid Fabian? Why wasn’t he beat on more often?

  6. Shelly

    His only claim to fame, and sites like this help fan it, is that people comment about him. Think back to Paris Hilton. She was nothing. People kept talking about her and talking about her until she became part of everyone’s life. Now she’s famous-and making lots of money off of people’s curiousity. It’s been that way forever. Don’t comment and he will go away.

    He’s not in it for admiration, he’s in it for money. Good for him!

  7. tempy

    That’s a real straight looking “come hither” expression he’s featuring in that pose. It looks like he’s trying to beckon some dingalings.

  8. Lisa

    Um, he’s not even hot. Anyone have a link to a picture of his heiress wife?

  9. Mark

    Speaking as a masculine gay man, this Fabian guy would be categorized as a QUEEN in my circles. That’s a guy who’s more focused on himself than others (man or woman).

    By the way, nice natural make-up he’s got going on in that publicity shot. It’s amazing how a bit of foundation powder can cut the lighting in a bar late at night.

  10. Andy W

    I’d fuck him so hard. Man what a great score that would be.

  11. dottcomm1

    he wears more make-up than tammy faye!

  12. Anonymous

    Who is this guy? I’ve never heard of him before.

  13. mimi

    he married the hier to LA PERLA lengerie. but , apparently people think shes a beard. I have seen her pic, she is definatly not pretty. She is on the same prettiness level , I would say of Renee Zelweger, not that they look alike, but the same level of looks, in my eyes at least

  14. Satan's LapDog

    His left eye is lower than his right eye and where’s his upper lip? He’s asymmetrical which automatically disqualifies him as a beautiful person. At least he’s thin. His family is from Ecuador. Isn’t that a third world country? I wouldn’t go around saying I was Ecuadorian, Ecuadian (whatever).

  15. Conrad

    If this queen has to publicize that he boinks his wife, he seems out to prove something to the rest of us who know the real deal…

  16. Silasdog

    Mimi, he WEARS La Perla undies, that’s his real claim to fame. Smug, arrogant and talentless – that’s him.

  17. ashley

    ok, his wife is completely ugly!! in other words not really beautiful for hollywood standards! He fucking gropes everybody on Filthy Rich Cattle Drive so why he even has a wife is something I don’t know about. But, I love his little smart ass comment “Pack your bags….you’re going on a guilt trip!” I thought that was hilarious and I can’t wait until I can use that line. lol.

  18. Johnny Chicago

    Hot people? I still don’t know who the fuck this FAGGELA is!!!!!!

    Can anyone tell me what the FUCK he has done to BE famous?

    Clearly, the homos are taking over the earth by way of presenting us pseudo-celebs like THIS.

    Time to think about the move to Canada – again!

    First, that shithead Bush fucks over EVERYONE in the entire US, then I have to see fags like this?

    Oh, so, fucking, queer.

  19. cluck cluck the canuck

    Johnny Chicago, i hate to break it to you but we have homos in Canada too…but come on over, there’s plenty of room up here!

  20. Ryann

    Johnny Chicago – You clearly have some homophobia issues. However, I do happen to agree with you wholeheartedly about the Bushes!
    I’ve never heard of this Fabian loser, but he looks like a total wanker!

  21. dirtygrrl

    He has anal with his wife while looking at pictures in Blue Boy magazine

  22. Andy W

    What’s wrong with that, dirtygrrl? Tell us what you’re into.

  23. selacanto

    dude. the nose powder.

  24. heidi

    very funny.

  25. Cynthia

    I suppose, along with obscene wealth comes delusional narcissistic attitudes. Is he one of the Hiltons, perhaps?

  26. Fabian is Gross

    That guy is hot? LMAO
    Poor guy.
    He should come out of the closet already.

    His eye bags are not really doing it for him.

  27. girlganja

    Who is this idiot and does anyone give a crap?

  28. stephanie


  29. Linda

    He is a true racist, don’t forget his drunk tirade in the Hamptons. I really think the girls who are hanging around with him on Filthy Rich Cattle Drive are damaging their future in the business and really looking like the idiots that they are.

  30. Silasdog

    Once again, Cynthia eloquently states the truth, as do many other of you folks regarding this light-in-the-loafers loser.

  31. ermmm

    Who told him he’s hot?

    And who the hell is he? How can anyone even call him famous? I have no idea who this faggot is.

  32. Bonnie

    Why, oh why didn’t his parents pay attention to him when he was a kid!!?


    Johnny Chicago, Please do not allow this ‘Fabian’ jag off to chase you away. ‘Cluck Cluck’ is correct, Canada does have lot’s of room… because it kinda sucks up there. Stay, Johnny, we love you.

  34. Steve

    I’m waiting for the episode where someone punches him in the face.

  35. mint

    Satan’s Lap Dog, just because Ecuador isn’t some economic superpower doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be proud of his country.

    I’m not supporting this guy, though.

  36. Lin

    what an obnoxious asshole!!! Guess what dickhead????? EVERYBODY LIKES TO HAVE SEX — that is nothing new. And you look good only to homos who want to pound your ass.

  37. I hate guys who are too preened and think too much of themselves.

    Get over yourself!

  38. mam

    ew. now who’s hot again?

  39. To bad this overblown egomaniac doesn’t use his gift of language for something bette in this world.
    His behavior on Filthy Rich is beyond reproach, edited as it may be, he is rude, inconsiderate, obnoxious, out of control and wayyyyyyyyyy to into himsel

  40. Abbey


  41. bubba

    Fabian Boobsabe

  42. Cynthia

    What the hell is up with this new fad of putting these self absorbed a**holes on television? Punching one of them in the face should not be considered a crime but a community service.

  43. Lorena

    This dweeb has a pair of caterpillars for eyebrows! Since when does that make you ‘hot’?

  44. Jules

    I hate this smug fool. He’s immature and annoying. And hot? Not!

  45. disgusted

    gay gay gay gay gay…his poor wife. Unless she is gay also and they are eachother’s beards.

  46. brent

    Yeah, he might be gay but his wife is far from ugly and quite hot, you jealous bitches further up the comments.

  47. nick

    this dude is such a stroke . his dad must be a big asshole just like his son . I probably fucked his mother some night out at a bar . some people think they are so cool . this dude would never make it in the real world . he needs to keep sucking on his momas nipple .

  48. ilostmyshoe

    If by hot he means enormous douchebag, then yes, his statement makes sense.

  49. Fabian Basabe Sucks

    Sick… Fabian Basabe isn’t hot… He is way beyond hot… He looks like a gayass fag… And what is up with that picture… He thinks he’s model material but he isn’t… And what is up with his ego… For God’s sake…

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