Fabian Basabe: One Rich Bitch?

Socialite Fabian Basabe is said to be flattered by all the gay rumors. However, he’s not so flattered by the Page Six mention that his father’s not rich. “They were insulting about my father. I would probably be defensive if they even knew what they were talking about. I have nothing to prove.” In an interview with Details, Basabe goes on to tell a story about his dog to demostrate his wealth.

“The dog is dead now, but his name was Zachary, and he was a Staffordshire terrier,” Gordinier writes. “Zachary flew first- class, full-fare, with his own window seat, on flights to Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. He enrolled at the same Hollywood dog school that educated Lassie . . . I won’t brag about me, but I’ll totally brag about my dog,” Basabe says.

Flattered by the gay rumors. Come on, what straight man would fly his dog first class around the world? Fab, you’ve got everything to prove.

First-Class Dog [Page Six]

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