Fabian Basabe: Not Gay At All

May 27th, 2005 // 35 Comments


(Image via just jared)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Seamus

    The guy with his arm around Fabian has that dreamy school girl look on his face. Fabian meanwhile is so drunk he doesn’t know what’s going on.He’s going to wake up in the morning saying” why is my butt sore?”

  2. Steve

    I needed a laugh like this…

  3. maia

    HA!! BUSTED!!!

  4. Stacy Brewer

    i heard they kick off Fabian Basabe off the new WB Show “survival of the richest” and replaced him with Hollywood IT Boy Nick Movs .. according to some press i read, the WB didn’t want Fabian, because his too FEM, so they went for Nick Movs, who is not only better looking, but also runs the party circuit in Hollywood and Beverly Hills … Sorry Fabian, Nick is just hotter then you


  5. Stephani Bush

    I actully met Fabian last summer in Rio, other than the fact i thought he was gay, he is a raging asshole. Who the hell does this guy think he is?? On the other hand, my friend Alice met Nick Movs @ Butter in NY, from what she told me, he is a black hair blue eye hottie … the WB was smart to replace Fabian with Nick. i’ve seen pictures of nick, sorry fabian you cant compete

  6. It Girl

    Interesting…I went to school with the guy.
    We were neighbors….he has his moments. He can be an incredible asshole but he can be a sweetheart as well.
    Yes, he is GAY!!

  7. Didn’t I read his obit on celebritykills.com?

  8. Bobbie

    If Fabian “Bitch” Basabe is gay he makes all gay men look bad. If Fabian “Moron” Basabe is straight he makes all straight men look bad. And as a whole, Fabian “Pathetic” Basabe give the whole human race a bad name!!!

  9. boob N butt massage

    gay as in doesnt like girls or having kids
    or gay as in free to have fun with guys or girls
    or gay as in uncool

    by the way your post is gay.

  10. FabianHater

    Fabian is a fucking arrogant CUNT!

  11. djsep

    I watched Fabian on “Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive” on the E! Channel. Someone needs to put this asshole in his please. What this guy needs a real good beat down. Seriously, if I found him laying in the street from gun shot wound, I’d probably let his dumb-ass die. Roth in hell motherfucker….

  12. Maggie

    I thought I was the only one that though Fabian was gay. I guess I’m not crazy! I don’t know the kid or anything, but he’s the biggest sissy ass bitch that I’ve ever seen in my life. I feel sorry that his mother had to waste 9 months carrying him in her belly hoping for that perfect child and a disgrace to humanity, piece of shit brat comes out.

  13. right hook

    fabian bitch ass basabe …is just that..he’s condecending, disrespectful, obnoxious, and a genuine asshole. he needs to be trampled by a cattle drive…he is a disgrace to people period…i should smack his mother for not aborting the bastard. maybe we’ll get lucky and a he’ll commit suicide and spare us the agony of his flaming ass voice…

  14. lola

    I just watched filthy rich cattle drive with that ignorant pussy Fabian basabe. He is definately Bisexual-not that there’s anything wrong with that-but he gives bi’s a bad name. Secondly, If I was that pussy ass bitch of a so called human being like he is, I would kill myself. FABIAN IF YOU’RE READING THIS YOU ARE NOTHING BUT AN IGNORANT WASTE OF SPACE IN OUR ENVIRONMENT,AND SOMEDAY YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO LIVE OFF OF DADDY’S MONEY ANYMORE AND YOU’LL HAVE TO GET A REAL JOB, YES FABIAN, AHHH FABIAN YOU PUSSY, IT’S CALLED A JOB. LET’S SPELL IT…. J-O-B. UNTIL THAT DAY COMES, I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE WORTHLESS AND MEANINGLESS IN THE HUMAN EXISTENCE AS WE KNOW IT.

  15. djsep

    Just watched “Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive” again. Can someone explain to me what anybody sees in this asshole Fabian? I’m disappointed that Haley even likes that bastard. It doesn’t surprise me that he was excited to volunteer to get that sperm sample. Uhh…Gay? Yes I think so. What a worthless piece of crap.

  16. jen

    I love fabian in filtty rich. I know he is an ass, but if it wasn’t for him I will know be following the show. He is like the Omarosa of the show. I always want to see what will he come up with on the fallowing episode. Oh! And I don’t think he’s gay maybe a little afm but not gay. If he is gay why will he deny it the, guy is from N.Y he be an idol here. And to those people who want to hurt and even kill him pls get help.

  17. jd79

    Fabian Basabe makes me physically ill. He treats people like shit. What the hell is he famous for anyway? He is a spoiled waste of human flesh. And if he’s not a flaming homo, there’s not a cow in Texas!

  18. jessica

    I HATE FABIAN!!! Someone needs to beat the hell out of him!!!!! Haley on filthy rich is a dumb ass for liking the guy–you can tell she just wants to do fabian for some strange reason. How stupid did she look sitting on fabians lap while he was soo rude yelling at alexander! I would like to beat both of there asses. I can’t believe the cast of filthy rich lets fabian talk to them like shit–if i was on that show i would make him cry with all the hate-ful things i have to say to him! He is a nobody, who cares if hes rich, live doesn’t last 4-ever and i don’t care if he was the pres of the united states, he shouldn’t treat people like shit!!!! vain people go to hell!!

  19. jul

    Live favian alone. He may be an arrogant scunt, but at least he’s real. And it ya had not notice most rich boys from New York sound gay. In New York been gay is not a sin, so if he is why would he deny it? If ya want to talk about arrogants talk about the cow boys, those savages! Try putting them in the city and way to see how long they would last. They’ll be running in a day crying back to their mamas.

  20. liss

    fabian besabe is not only gay, he also is a chlid in a grown man’s body. The fool need to grow up and realize that the things he does will damage his family reputation.

  21. dumbass_patrol

    All I want for Christmas….

    is a necklace made out of Fabian’s teeth.

  22. NYC

    Anyone notice how the comments from “Jul” above kind of sound like words Fabian has said himself?… Hmmmm…

    Well Fabian, (ahm) I mean “Jul” I don’t know what you mean by being “Real” Claiming you have “diplomatic immunity” every chance you get when it is a complete lye is as far opposite of “real” as you can get…

    Fabian, you are a fake, a loser, an insecure idiot, a nobody.

    And soon your daddy will cut you off, your money will run out and you won’t be able to afford to pay for any more friends…

  23. Maddy

    All I have to say is…


  24. jul

    Fabian Basabe may not be a nice person, but he say what he thinks even if sometime that could be hurtful. He knows how to defend himself regardless of what anyone thinks. He is very smart and no one can deny that and if he is gay them I feel sorry for all the straigth mans out there. If a gay man can get a woman that beutiful and richer than him, than you tell me who is the real man.

  25. susan2

    I cannot belive that this guy Fabian from filthy rich cattle drive, is half ecuadorian. He is such an ass, if he go to ecuador he won’t last a day. I’m so dissapointed because I’m also half ecuadorian and plus an american, so it may me sick that he and I have that in common.

  26. Florida girl

    Dont blame “Fabian the Gay”, blame his retarded ass parents for bringing him up thinking he should get what he wants when he wants! He is so sad and ignorant to the fact that he is a man like everyone else, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! Oh, he also needs to contact AA ASAP!

  27. tyedi

    Fabian is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Get a clue dumbass. He is a fraud and his dad is not to good at paying bills. Hopefully he money will run out, his charm has!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. fletcher

    First of all he has the nerve to pick on alexander clifford it makes no sense to me alex. has a family rich in history fabian ant S–t its sad he trys to sound so smart ,but he just sounds gay sorry fab. look in the mirrior cause it does not lie.

  29. Drake

    poor little rich faggot! he has no taste he thinks he does just because you have money doesnt mean you have style i dont see him deck out in gaultier he is ugly and those other dildo’s on the show that follow him that speaks for it’s self he’s not even a man but a fag and not even a cool fag at that he should just get fisted by some hollywood porn star but even porn stars what he’s small dick he probly cant do the reach a round well have a good night faggot!

  30. You all know uot there in tv land all Fabian wanted to do on that cattle camp is suck off all the guys i know home girl can do it and love it but she want’s jared to pack her crack you know he love’s it up the ass hard. he loves dick don’t you all think so?

  31. sen

    I can to this web site to get on fabians issues, but after reading your comments, I’m staring to feel more sorry for some of you than for that ignorant punk. How can a man talk about another man getting it trought the ass? That shit is gay and the “faggy” word, is made the person who use it as stuped and ignorant as fabian is.

  32. sen

    I can to this web site to get on fabians issues, but after reading your comments, I’m staring to feel more sorry for some of you than for that ignorant punk. How can a man talk about another man getting it trought the ass? That shit is gay and the “faggot” word, is made the person who use it as stuped and ignorant as fabian is.

  33. ross

    If fabian is bisexual than good for him, I hear they were way better in bed than straight men.

  34. karpov

    Pity him , people that revolting never have any true friends and die lonely.

  35. fab-ads

    c’mon guys! if he is gay he wouldn’t hide the guy is from NYC the big apple. yet!!! if he wasnt smart clever and eye catcher, we wouldnt be here talking and gossiping about him, fabian rocks! character atittude and an ass-hole and it looks perfect on him

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